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Annoucement - Tariffication

During the season, nearly all technical providers have increased their tariffs for critical resources. These tariffications affect the whole of engineering businesses. Chiefly it relates to:
  • Energy tariffs for electricity supply and backup.
  • Hardware parts and maintainance, including but not limited to disks, cpus, ram, chipsets and electronic components.
  • IP Addresses and blocks, both v4 and v6.
  • Link-layer protocol transport, and physical medium.
Various causes are assigned or described in publicly available sources, attempting to explain the situation. However, and until further notice, RootR has decided to NOT repercute these costs to any of its customer. This is the stated Direction. Fees remain unchanged.

The purpose of this message is to sustain correct planning in teams, and individuals, who are using RootR Services, or depend on it.

Date: 30/Sep/2022 - RootR Management.

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