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ASCII Programmer reference

ASCII Character Set  |  ASCII names table  |  Meaning of ASCII Control Characters


ASCII Character Set

This page shows a chart and table of the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) character set. Each ASCII character has a corresponding 7-bit code; practically all modern computers follow this correspondence in their character displays. Note that the coding for ASCII characters runs from 00 to 7F (hex). Characters from 80 to FF (hex) (using an 8-bit code with the MSB set to 1) are not defined in ASCII. Use of these additional codes varies widely among computer systems.

Physical Device Controls: Format Effectors

Physical Device Controls: Other

Logical Communications Controls

Physical Communications Controls

Information Separators

Controls for Code Extensions

Here's a nice trick for sending control characters. On most keyboards, rows 4 and 5 (or rows 6 and 7) of the ASCII chart are mapped onto rows 0 and 1 by way of a modifier key, usually the control key on a keyboard. For example, to generate a linefeed, press control-J; to generate a carriage return, press control-M, etc. look in the corresponding line of the same column in the table above. The Macintosh, PC, and Sun keyboards supports most of this mapping. On OpenBSD, man ascii.

Source: Serial oscilloscope web tutorial, 1997, JC.

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