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About Rootroute

Who are Rootroute's customers ?

The majority of Rootroute Customers are:

  • ISPs leasing our services under their own brands.
  • Programmers with specific security needs.
  • Mass and bulk Secure DNS services users.
As such rootr.net, is more suitable to users with some experience rather than end-users relatively new to web site development.

How is Rootroute funded ? How long have you been in business ?

Rootroute is privately funded, in order to be isolated from economic and market climates. This strategy also follows our security policy not only technically but as long term stability guarantee for our subscribers. We think long term first. This payed off when the industry trend went down hill several times, rootr.net was not afffected.

Rootr.net started officially operations in 2000. Prior activity since the early 90s in other Internet operations, and also cryptographic hardware in Europe, now obsolete. Rootr.net is not a large enterprise, but because of its background, it is international in essence.

What is Rootroute's business philosophy ?

We believe in doing a few things the best, rather than too many things a little bit. We also prefer to tell explicitely what to expect to our clients, rather than generating false expectations.

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Why do you support Open Source ?

Rootr.net actively supports open source. Our experience demonstrated that in a business environment, software quality, stability and security is very important. A portion of Rootroute revenue is spent toward open source projects or their facilitation, such as OpenBSD, or the Postfix secure mail system. All rootr.net systems uses open source, and when time make it possible, we contribute. In addition to open sources, rootr.net contributes to charities in east Asia. We hope to serve as an example for other business, to demonstrate the possibility of being both profitable and contributing.

What is the background of rootr.net's director of operations ?

Prior to operating rootr.net, his background included:
  • The supervision of data centers and routing farms, at the Mae-West and other Internet exchanges in San Jose, California.
  • Coordinating 24/7/365 data center emergencies.
  • Coordinating engineering teams giving support to about 200,000 end-users (mail and web), and 1,000 small and medium-sized ISPs.
  • Cooperating with federal law agencies.
  • Training of system administrators and engineers.

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