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Rootroute - Card payment and security FAQ

Do you accept debit or credit cards ?

Both debit cards and credit cards are accepted, as long as they're issued from either Visa, American Express or MasterCard.

Can you take my debit/credit card number over the phone ? or in person ?

No, we regret we cannot accept card information over the phone, following security regulations. The advantages of secure internet card submissions, rather than via phone or in person are the following:

RootR.net's secure interface uses 128 bit SSL certificate, currently the highest possible over the web. Card data passes througth 24/7 guarded and patroled computer network environment

When you use the internet to pay by credit card, you run less risk than doing it over the phone or at a restaurant, or a mail order company. Why ? because We don't repeat aloud the number in a room full of telemarketers or other staff, just to make sure we got the number right. The data you enter goes directly to the system, there is no carbon, and it is protected by strong industrial encryption.

I need to update my credit or debit card, how do I do that ?

Login to the secure interface, using your main account name (lowercase) and password. Then select the menu "edit card". and that is it. Once the system accept the card, it takes a few days to update the your account automatic rebilling data.

Why don't you do instant web order forms ?

"Instant" online credit card orders and payments, are not as secure. It takes longer to process proper security checks on the internet, using both computer network check points and manual audit. Some internet sites open an account just a few minutes after you submit your card on a website order form, which is not as secure. At RootR.net, we believe a bit of delay is worth the extra security.

Additionally, Rootr.net order form, and update forms, takes data only from secured browsers. So you don't have to worry about improper browser settings.

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