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What format to use to send official documents to rootr.net ?

The following format are not usable:
The reason is that they require specific software:
Each user's desktop has a different version, and has different modules installed, that affect the viewing. Possibly a version customized by distributors or resellers. Therefore what each user look at, is different from each other, in many cases significantly. Only image files are universal enough to ensure both parties can view it correctly.

Image scan files ensures both parties are looking at the same thing.

What format are acceptable for official attachments:
Images can be scanned directly off the screen, using for example a snapshot program. Images can also be scanned from printed documents. Always look at the resulting image before sending to make sure the content and the text is legible. Rootr.net can handle large file image attachments.

What if we prefer a paper trail ?

Rootroute can produce a paper trail only if you also produce paper. For example, if you send us a fax, we can fax you back. But not if you just send us some doc attachment. If you send us postal mail forms, we can send you postal paper mail.

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