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Rootroute - Email FAQ

What is the maximum size of a message I can send or receive ?

The maximum size is about 40 Megabytes. However we do not recommend sending large email messages unless you are sure the receiver can handle it. Consider the majority of other ISPs (that your friend/colleague receiving email are using) usually cannot handle more than 3 to 5 megabytes sized emails, which is already pretty large for an office user. if you need larger attachments to transfer, we recommend using SCP, SFTP or FTP. see below.

What is the maximum size of my mailbox ?

The mailbox limit is 400 Megabyte, this prevents inter-mailer loops and also prevents uncontroled mail transfers to flood your accounts. The average mailbox size of a user seldom goes over a 1 or 2 % of this, and even resource intensive users reach sometime 25% of this maximum. This maximum sizes are for each user. If you really need a larger mailbox, however, you can contact support and detail your needs.

I need to exchange huge files with my colleagues

The usual way to exchange large files between users is to place it on an ftp server or on the website and send your peer a link to it. This has also the advantage of letting your peer control easily when to download it, and if he or she fails, can retry anytime. It is also often faster for them. All rootroute servers have no problem uploading or downloading very large files. Keep in mind other users use different services and have their own limitations.

Mail forwarding

You can set a user's email to forward to other email addresses: Put a file named ".forward" in the home directory of the user. in this file, list the email you want to forward to, in plain text (with notepad, vi, emacs, pico). you can forward to several addresses, by putting one email per line. to deliver also to normal address, add a line with: /home/(account)/condo/(email-login)/ including the trailing /
There account is the main user account name and email-login is the login for your user. Don't put the normal email, in order to avoid mail loops. ask support@rootr.net if not sure.

you can also deliver to scripts by adding a line with a pipe "|", such as: |/home/(account)/mybin/mail-processor
The .forward should be writable only by its owner. if you change the permission to allow other users to write to it, the system will deliver mail normally as if .forward did not exist.

IMAP Folders

IMAP is a rather complex protocol for mail fetching. Occasionally users struggle with the mail folders in an IMAP mailbox, And the following have been found usefull:

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