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Rootroute - Moving a domain from another provider

What is the procedure to move my domain from another host provider ?

  1. Either: request support to add a domain to your account.
    Email support or send a request from the web interface.
    Or: order a new account, and select "existing" in the domain section.
  2. You will get an email from rootr.net telling the details of the domain such as its directory. upload your files there. you can even start working on the domain with the "preview URL", so everything is in place before the actual transfer.
  3. Update the Name-servers at your registrar. the name server info is included in the email (such as ns1.rootr.net and ns2.rootr.net). For most registrars, you need to login in the registrar interface with the login/password they gave you, and edit the nameservers (sometime they call this "move your domain").
    This step (3) is not necessary if you use rootr.net for domain registration.
  4. After about 48 hours, the IP of the domain will then update to your account with rootr.net, instead of the old provider. All is complete. If you don't have any other domains with the old provider, you can close your account with them.

Is there a downtime when I move the domain ?

No. you can use the "Preview URL" to work on the domain before it is moved, including transfering files and checking the site will look fine. This way people browsing the web site won't see that anything is happening to the web site. This preview URL is an alias to what will be the moved domain, and continues to exist after the domain is moved.

Can I move several domains at once ?

Yes, the procedure is the same as above. You can move all the domains in one shot.

I don't know or I forgot my registrar, how do I find out ?

Send an email to support mentioning your account and the domain you want to move. They will send you a link to follow to recover the registrar.

Is a registrar the same as a web host provider ?

Not necessarily. They often are different. rootr.net can act both as a web host and as a registrar, however we don't require you use us as a registrar, you can use any of the hundreds available. It will work fine as long as the nameservers are rootr.net's. All registrars let you do this.

Is there a fee for moving a domain ?

No, there is no charge for moving a domain to rootr.net.

My old provider won't let me move, what do I do ?

Double check again with them, as this is a rather rare case. When it does happen, it nearly always involve a third or fourth party somewhere.

As long as you are the owner (aka the "registrant") of the domain, there is nothing a registrar or a web host can do to prevent you moving it around.

I am registering a domain on my own, can I put rootr.net as the name servers ?

Yes. However, please let us know the domain, even if you don't have an account with us, in order to avoid "lame delegation", a type of DNS problem. There is no charge for this, just send an email to info or support.

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