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Rootroute - Payment FAQ

Subscription and time.

When do I start getting billed ?

A week after you receive the account activation notice, your bank statement will show a charge from "Root Route Corp.", and continues automatically every month, until you close the account. Online banking services show the transaction's origin. The account is not billed until after it is activated.

How do I close an account ?

Login your account, select "support", then "accounting", and post a closure message. Note that transfering a domain does not automatically close an account. There is no "implicit" account closing, explicit instruction to close an account is needed.
Accounts that are not accessed for a long time, are NOT closed. Some users use their account only for data storage purpose. We do not monitor such details. We only check that accounts comply with the Terms of Service, when necessary.

What are the method of Payment available ?

Payment methodAcceptedNote
Visa CardyesBoth debit cards and Credit cards are accepted online.
MasterCardyesBoth debit cards and Credit cards are accepted online.
American Express CardyesAccepted online.
Paypalyescontact billing to set it up.
ACHyescontact billing to set it up.
Wire TransferyesInternational SWIFT. contact billing to set it up.
FedWire TransferyesUS Domestic Wire. contact billing to set it up.
CheckyesMinimum US$ 100.00 per month. Processing delay applies.
IMOyesInternational Money Order. At any post office.


Foreign currencies conversions go through regular exchange rates from banks. Where no bank is involved in the conversion, current interbank rates as listed on www.oanda.com are often used.

How can I pay by check ?

Made payable to "Rootroute Research Ltd", and sent to the US address. Or for international customers, to the Hong-Kong address.
There are delays of at least 30 days associated with processing and clearing checks. Remember also to email billing@rootr.net a quick note, right after the check is posted, so we know it's in postal transit.

Paying via money order

International money orders (IMO) are accepted in most currencies. Typically you go to the Post office and ask to send an IMO. your account is credited only when the IMO has cleared.

How can I pay using paypal ?

  1. Email accounting@rootr.net you would like to pay by paypal.
  2. Send the payment to paypal@rootr.net, but only after contacting billing.
    Currency: U.S. Dollars. Category: 'Services'. The email subject must be: account X where X is your main login name.
To change from paypal payment to card payment, email accounting@rootr.net.

Receipts and proof of payments
accounting@rootr.net can issue receipts upon request. Since this is mostly a reccurrent fee, you can ask the receipt to encompass multiple months or years, specify the start and end dates; Year-Month-Date.

Accounting and billing issues

Accounting and billing issues are dealt with only by email to accounting@rootr.net. To keep a clear trail of deeds, our accounting does not resolve issues over phone, but rather email and web forms. Technical support, Sales, and Engineering do handle issues over phone as necessary.

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