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rootr.net - Python Questions

What is the path to python ?

The path is: /usr/local/bin/python
so for example in your script, the 1st line would be:

Other typical paths may work too, which make it eaiser to import external programs with a different path.

I'm new to python, where to start ?

This is an introductory guide on using python with cgi, a typical situation on hosted accounts.

Using Zope

Zope is an extention for python, specialized for generating web pages. it is more targeted for users already familiar with python.

rootr.net uses the INSTANCE_HOME installation method, as described at http://www.zope.org/Members/4am/instancehome. This method is flexible and allows to create as many sites as you want, without interfering with the rest. It is also more secure than base zope setup, because each account's zope is separate and indepandant.

Configuring Zope for your account

To create a Zope site, create a directory in the site, and run the following command from a terminal: /usr/local/bin/zope-instance /path/to/directory
This will install zope and get it ready.

For terminal users, there are local copies of the zope docs in:
/usr/local/share/doc/zope and /usr/local/share/doc/zope-cmf

Each account has its own separate zope instance and is not shared. You have direct control over the zope processes, which is run as your user and group.

It is also possible to have several separate zope instances. You can either set it to be shared between several web sites, or configure each site with its own.

I use mod_python, what kind of setup is it ?

For mod_python, available on "victoria" accounts plan and higher, You have a separate Apache 2 instance (IHPG). Ask support to set a default base setup, to get you started. Note that mod_python is supported on apache 2 only, and cannot run together with extension limited to Apache 1. However, SSL, mod_rewrite, and any CGI language can run together with mod_python.

mod_python is mostly for power users who are familiar with both Apache and python. Rootr.net let such users administer their own apache server.

How to enable Webware in my account ?

Webware is installed server-wide in /usr/local/Webware. The simple way is to copy this directory wherever you plan to use it, and start modifying the settings from there.

Most of Webware features do not require special server-side settings, So from there the 1st thing to do is get familiar with webware docs.,

Rootr.net also supports mod_webkit, a way of running webware in a separate process. These are true "Python servlets". It works the same as standard cgi webware, but is faster. If you configure mod_webkit in your account, you can ask support to allocate you a port number.

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