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Rootroute - Security FAQ

What is the level of security provided on rootroute accounts ?

Rootroute accounts are suitable for online banking, secure financial transaction, storing private medical and legal records.

codecapability descriptiondefault
IBIOnline banking interfacing.yes
IFDEOnline financial data exchange.yes
SCCTSecure credit card transactions.yes
SACCTsecure accountingyes
SMRStoring and accessing Medical records.yes
SMEMMedical equipment monitoring.yes
SMECMedical equipment control.extra
LEGSTORLegal document storage.yes
PRSTORStoring and accessing sensitive private files and datayes
SCMONsecure computer and network monitoringyes

What is Spheride_7SS ?

Spheride_7SS is a security control system used by RootRoute. It comports 5 main parts:

  1. Physical access shielding.

    Any security measure is useless if physical security is not ensured. prevention from robery, raiding, tampering, natural disasters.

  2. computer and network security.

    choosing appropriate software is essential to proper secure operations. Rootroute engineers not only ensure security level in installing software, but also, as part of their job, monitor news related to computer security that can affect operations. software are upgraded whenever needed, without affecting the users. Additionally, Rootroute programmers develop secure computer software.

  3. Staff auditing

    Any security system become useless if the people in custody are doing behind-the-table business. Human trust failure is the primary hole in any computer system. At Rootroute, we ensure all staff:
    • Is screened for background on hiring.
    • is not given more access than he needs to.
    • is regularly re-assessed for background update.
    • When given more access rights and responsabilities, is re-tested.
    • is tested for adequate computer security experience, knowledge and practical skills.
    • Every entrance and exit from secure computer locations requires passing 3-level access control and is recorded.

  4. Non-interference of work

    Security must not get in the way of people work routine. Too loose a system is not secure enough, and too tight makes a system useless. Fine-tuning is one of the most difficult part of security that only years of experience can achieve. Rootroute engineers make the underlying security transparent within the possible limits of current technology. They also exchange conversations and email with customers who need information to improve security.

  5. computer security education

    Rootroute is comited to improve the overall security off internet systems. The public knowledge has improved significantly over the last few years, but a lot still remains to be done. Mentoring customers to improve the security of websites and internet data. Rootroute also provides on-site and off-site internet security practical training.

The other components of the Spheride_7SS system

Rootroute offers additional security modules, available to dedicated server customers, and remote colocation customers only:

  1. OPIT Opaque Information Transfer.
  2. SHIVT Shielding Vault.
  3. HMON Human monitoring. staffed computer security options.
  4. SGIS Secure government information systems.
  5. SMEDEC Secure medical equipment control.
  6. SECSN Secure_Screen, a suite of secure user login interface.



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