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How to control my account through the web ?

Login at https://secure.RootR.net/u/
This is very secure as it uses 128 bit SSL encryption. The user name is the same as the account name, and the password you first had or the one you changed to. The user name is in lowercase. Once authenticated, you will see the front interface.

  • You can change your name, as it appears in emails and other applications.
  • Change the password. "secure fields" means you don't see what you type but others can peek over your shoulder. "normal field" means all what you type is seen in clear.
  • The shell is if you are familiar with unix, you can change it right here. it is accessed trough ssh.

How do I add email accounts ?

Login on your account as described above, click on the "Users" menu on the top, it will list all the users in your account. the user listed first is the account itself and cannot be removed. other users have a link marked "del", which if clicked, will remove the user right away without asking twice. You can always re-create a user.

Bellow the list, you can create a new email user, who will have its own mailbox, its own mailbox folders, and have at least POP3 and IMAP access. on the email line, type how the email appears and choose its domain from the drop down-list (if you added multiple domains, they will appear here, that's where you can choose). Then the user's full name, as it appears in emails. In the password field, a default is given which is automatically generated to be not easy to guess. however you can change it to whatever you want.

click "add this user", the server will create the user, and tell you the setting information on the top. The "Send info" field is optional, you can put an email here that will be automatically sent the setting information, the same as given to you after clicking on "add this user".

you can send it to several emails, just separate each email with a comma ",". For example one to the new user and one to you.

Setting up email users

With the settings given above, next step is to configure the email program, such as netscape messenger, outlook, outlook express, eudora, pegasus mail, batmail and others.

POP3 or IMAP ?

While configuring, you can choose either POP3 or IMAP. Rootroute supports both. POP3 is more limited than IMAP, but also more simple and is usually a better choice for beginners, unless you are yourself using IMAP and ready to explain them how to use it, which is easy, but might consume some time.

IMAP is for users who want to synchronize their email folders and inbox no matter from where they connect to the Internet. Typically IMAP is used by sales reps on the road or engineers needing more flexibility. Under IMAP all is synchronized, no matter from which computer the user is connected. IMAP also has other features, such as sharing.

You can always change a POP3 account to an IMAP or vice-versa, however you will need to reconfigure your email program.

Also, all rootr.net mail servers support SSL and TLS with POP3 and IMAP. This is secure and encrypted. nearly all mail programs support this. If you have the choice, prefer TLS over SSL.

Synchronization of email access methods

no matter which method you use, POP3, IMAP, web email, or direct mail access through ssh, the Rootroute servers keep all synchronized, the inbox and server's email folders. IMAP folders are also accessible trough pine or mutt if you use ssh. This help avoid headaches.

You could even download the emails using FTP or Secure FTP. We use a mail format called "maildir", where each email is one file, and is the best in the industry for stability and security.

Using IMAP with Thunderbird, there are errors such as "server: folder name is invalid"

The defaults setting on Thunderbird is to display only "subscribed folders".
You will need to uncheck this.

Wiki on a web site

There are many available wikis users can download and install on the web site, here are some wiki are using successfully: Instiki, ppwiki, wikini, geekywiki, tikiwiki, gamiwiki, pwiki.

I have heard the accounts here have many other settings and capabilities

There are many other things you can do, although most of them require some familiarity with command line interfaces:

  • filtering spam. tools like spamassassin and procmail are running.
  • auto-responding to email, for example for email robots or vacation messages.
  • dispatch an email address to to several users.
  • forward email automatically to one or more user.
  • automatically fetch emails from other providers outside Rootroute.
  • automated backup copies of all incoming emails,
  • create your own filtering programs and sort incoming mail according to the content of the message or subject or sender. you can use perl, python, php, C, C++, and many other languages.
Many tools available on the server, like procmail and fetchmail. Creating a custom .procmailrc file to filter all incoming mails, and also .forward, which is used to forward incoming mail to other emails, to folders or to programs.

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