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Rootroute - Storage questions

What are my storage quotas ?

Rootroute does not use quotas limitations. You may store very large files of gigabytes sizes.

How about mysql databases storage ?

The mysql storage is taken as part of the monthly average storage. For mysql, the storage seldom comes into play unless there are several millions rows in a table or so.

How is storage calculated and billed ?

The monthly average is taken over daily usage. Average means that the account is not penalized, if for example you temporary store a 1 GB file for a few days only, this size gets "flatened" by the monthly average.
If the average storage is over the account limit, we either add the storage fees, as listed on the site, or auto-upgrade the account to the next level, whichever is less.

How about mailbox storage ?

The only storage element which has storage limitations are the mailboxes, mailbox size limit: a few 100s MB, message size limit: approx 30 MB. Those limits are well over what ISP typically allow. This is also more than what both typical and a-typical users use. To send larger files, you may use public or private FTP, or similar methods, which will also be faster than Email to transfer files.

This limitation is implemented to avoid unfair charges: Email is a part of the storage users can not control easily, since anybody can send to anybody arbitrary messages with arbitrarily large attachments.

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