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Class::Accessor::Faster(3pm)   User Contributed Perl Documentation   Class::Accessor::Faster(3pm)

       Class::Accessor::Faster - Even faster, but less expandable, accessors

         package Foo;
         use base qw(Class::Accessor::Faster);

       This is a faster but less expandable version of Class::Accessor::Fast.

       Class::Accessor's generated accessors require two method calls to accompish their task
       (one for the accessor, another for get() or set()).

       Class::Accessor::Fast eliminates calling set()/get() and does the access itself, resulting
       in a somewhat faster accessor.

       Class::Accessor::Faster uses an array reference underneath to be faster.

       Read the documentation for Class::Accessor for more info.

       Copyright 2007 Marty Pauley <marty+perl AT kasei.com>

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.  That means either (a) the GNU General Public License or (b) the
       Artistic License.


perl v5.10.0                                2009-09-15               Class::Accessor::Faster(3pm)

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