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IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA(7)          PostgreSQL 12.3 Documentation          IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA(7)

       IMPORT_FOREIGN_SCHEMA - import table definitions from a foreign server

       IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA remote_schema
           [ { LIMIT TO | EXCEPT } ( table_name [, ...] ) ]
           FROM SERVER server_name
           INTO local_schema
           [ OPTIONS ( option 'value' [, ... ] ) ]

       IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA creates foreign tables that represent tables existing on a foreign
       server. The new foreign tables will be owned by the user issuing the command and are
       created with the correct column definitions and options to match the remote tables.

       By default, all tables and views existing in a particular schema on the foreign server are
       imported. Optionally, the list of tables can be limited to a specified subset, or specific
       tables can be excluded. The new foreign tables are all created in the target schema, which
       must already exist.

       To use IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA, the user must have USAGE privilege on the foreign server, as
       well as CREATE privilege on the target schema.

           The remote schema to import from. The specific meaning of a remote schema depends on
           the foreign data wrapper in use.

       LIMIT TO ( table_name [, ...] )
           Import only foreign tables matching one of the given table names. Other tables
           existing in the foreign schema will be ignored.

       EXCEPT ( table_name [, ...] )
           Exclude specified foreign tables from the import. All tables existing in the foreign
           schema will be imported except the ones listed here.

           The foreign server to import from.

           The schema in which the imported foreign tables will be created.

       OPTIONS ( option 'value' [, ...] )
           Options to be used during the import. The allowed option names and values are specific
           to each foreign data wrapper.

       Import table definitions from a remote schema foreign_films on server film_server,
       creating the foreign tables in local schema films:

           IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA foreign_films
               FROM SERVER film_server INTO films;

       As above, but import only the two tables actors and directors (if they exist):

           IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA foreign_films LIMIT TO (actors, directors)
               FROM SERVER film_server INTO films;

       The IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA command conforms to the SQL standard, except that the OPTIONS
       clause is a PostgreSQL extension.


PostgreSQL 12.3                                2020                      IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA(7)

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