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TEMPLATE(7) - phpMan

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ALTER_TEXT_SEARCH_TEMPLATE (7) - change the definition of a text search template
apt-extracttemplates (1) - Utility to extract debconf config and templates fr...
autoheader (1)       - Create a template header for configure
bounce (5)           - Postfix bounce message template format
CREATE_TEXT_SEARCH_TEMPLATE (7) - define a new text search template
debconf-gettextize (1) - extract translations of debconf templates into PO files
debconf-updatepo (1) - update PO files about debconf templates
DROP_TEXT_SEARCH_TEMPLATE (7) - remove a text search template
HTML::Template (3pm) - Perl module to use HTML-like templating language
HTML::Template::FAQ (3pm) - Frequently Asked Questions about HTML::Template
locale-gen (8)       - generates localisation files from templates
mason.pl (1p)        - evaluate a mason template and output the result
msgcmp (1)           - compare message catalog and template
msgmerge (1)         - merge message catalog and template
notmuch-reply (1)    - constructs a reply template for a set of messages
po2debconf (1)       - merge master templates file and PO files
rrdcgi (1)           - Create web pages containing RRD graphs based on templates
sas_attach_transport (9) - instantiate SAS transport template
sas_release_transport (9) - release SAS transport template instance
snd_ctl_new1 (9)     - create a control instance from the template
srp_attach_transport (9) - instantiate SRP transport template
srp_release_transport (9) - release SRP transport template instance
struct_i2c_board_info (9) - template for device creation
struct_spi_board_info (9) - board-specific template for a SPI device
Software::License (3pm) - packages that provide templated software licenses
Text::Template (3pm) - Expand template text with embedded Perl
Text::Template::Preprocess (3pm) - Expand template text with embedded Perl

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