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Parser::Style::Subs(3pm)       User Contributed Perl Documentation       Parser::Style::Subs(3pm)

       XML::Parser::Style::Subs - glue for handling element callbacks

         use XML::Parser;
         my $p = XML::Parser->new(Style => 'Subs', Pkg => 'MySubs');

           package MySubs;

           sub foo {
             # start of foo tag

           sub foo_ {
             # end of foo tag

       Each time an element starts, a sub by that name in the package specified by the Pkg option
       is called with the same parameters that the Start handler gets called with.

       Each time an element ends, a sub with that name appended with an underscore ("_"), is
       called with the same parameters that the End handler gets called with.

       Nothing special is returned by parse.

perl v5.20.0                                2014-09-06                   Parser::Style::Subs(3pm)

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