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BLK_SET_RUNTIME_ACTI(9)                   Block Devices                   BLK_SET_RUNTIME_ACTI(9)

       blk_set_runtime_active - Force runtime status of the queue to be active

       void blk_set_runtime_active(struct request_queue * q);

           the queue of the device

       If the device is left runtime suspended during system suspend the resume hook typically
       resumes the device and corrects runtime status accordingly. However, that does not affect
       the queue runtime PM status which is still “suspended”. This prevents processing requests
       from the queue.

       This function can be used in driver's resume hook to correct queue runtime PM status and
       re-enable peeking requests from the queue. It should be called before first request is
       added to the queue.

Kernel Hackers Manual 4.8.                 January 2017                   BLK_SET_RUNTIME_ACTI(9)

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