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dwww-find(8) - phpMan

Command: man perldoc info search(apropos)  

DWWW-FIND(8)                                  Debian                                 DWWW-FIND(8)

       dwww-find - find documentation related to a search argument

       dwww-find   [--program|--menu|--documentation|--docfile|--doc-base-list]   [--skip=number]
       argument [...]

       dwww-find is part of the dwww package, which provides access to on-line documentation on a
       Debian system via WWW.

       dwww-find searches for a documentation related to a given program, for entries from Debian
       Documentation Menu, or at least for documents registered  with  doc-base.   It  returns  a
       HTML-formatted document with search results.

              Search  for  documentation  (man pages, info files, etc.) related to program speci‐
              fied by argument.

       --menu Search  for   entries   in   Debian   Documentation   Menu   pages   generated   by

              Search  in  documentation  files registered with doc-base.  It uses search++(1) for

              Search for documentation for package, which contains  the  file  specified  by  the
              argument.   The  file must be located in or below a directory that has been allowed
              by the system administrator; see dwww(7) for more info.

              Show list of registerered doc-base files for given argument, which should be speci‐
              fied  as  format/document-id,  where  document-id is an identificator of registered
              doc-base document, and format is a name of format (e.g. text or pdf) registered  by
              the document, for which the list list is to be generated.

              Works only with --documentation.  Skip number of search results.

       When no options are specified, --program is assumed.

              Configuration file for dwww.

       dwww(7),   dwww-quickfind(8),  dwww-build-menu(8),  dwww-index++(8),  search++(1),  Debian
       doc-base Manual in /usr/share/doc/doc-base/doc-base.html/index.html.

       Lars Wirzenius.  Robert Luberda.
       See dwww(7) for copyrights and stuff.

dwww 1.11.4                             January 15th, 2011                           DWWW-FIND(8)

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