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handshake(22) - phpMan

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mpt_handshake_req_reply_wait (9) - Send MPT request to and receive reply from...
mpt_send_handshake_request (9) - Send MPT request via doorbell handshake method.
SSL_accept (3ssl)    - wait for a TLS/SSL client to initiate a TLS/SSL handshake
SSL_connect (3ssl)   - initiate the TLS/SSL handshake with an TLS/SSL server
SSL_do_handshake (3ssl) - perform a TLS/SSL handshake
SSL_session_reused (3ssl) - query whether a reused session was negotiated dur...
WaitForDoorbellAck (9) - Wait for IOC doorbell handshake acknowledge
WaitForDoorbellReply (9) - Wait for and capture an IOC handshake reply.

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