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CORE (3perl)         - Namespace for Perl's core routines
acpi_bus_scan (9)    - Add ACPI device node objects in a given namespace scope.
dev_change_net_namespace (9) - move device to different nethost namespace
gitnamespaces (7)    - Git namespaces
ip-netns (8)         - process network namespace management
lxc-unshare (1)      - Run a task in a new set of namespaces.
lxc-user-nic (1)     - Create and attach a nic to another network namespace.
lxc-usernsexec (1)   - Run a task as root in a new user namespace.
namespace.conf (5)   - the namespace configuration file
namespace::autoclean (3pm) - Keep imports out of your namespace
namespace::clean (3pm) - Keep imports and functions out of your namespace
namespaces (7)       - overview of Linux namespaces
nsenter (1)          - run program with namespaces of other processes
pam_namespace (8)    - PAM module for configuring namespace for a session
pid_namespaces (7)   - overview of Linux PID namespaces
rpc_net_ns (9)       - Get the network namespace for this RPC client
setns (2)            - reassociate thread with a namespace
sk_net_capable (9)   - Network namespace socket capability test
SPI_getnspname (3)   - return the namespace of the specified relation
systemd-nspawn (1)   - Spawn a namespace container for debugging, testing and...
unshare (1)          - run program with some namespaces unshared from parent
user_namespaces (7)  - overview of Linux user_namespaces

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