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NOTMUCH-INSERT(1)                            notmuch                            NOTMUCH-INSERT(1)

       notmuch-insert - add a message to the maildir and notmuch database

       notmuch insert [option ...] [+<tag>|-<tag> ...]

       notmuch insert reads a message from standard input and delivers it into the maildir direc‐
       tory given by configuration option database.path, then incorporates the message  into  the
       notmuch  database.  It  is  an alternative to using a separate tool to deliver the message
       then running notmuch new afterwards.

       The new message will be tagged with the  tags  specified  by  the  new.tags  configuration
       option,  then  by operations specified on the command-line: tags prefixed by '+' are added
       while those prefixed by '-' are removed.

       If the new message is a duplicate of an existing message in the database (it has same Mes‐
       sage-ID),  it  will be added to the maildir folder and notmuch database, but the tags will
       not be changed.

       Option arguments must appear before any tag operation arguments.   Supported  options  for
       insert include

                 Deliver the message to the specified folder, relative to the top-level directory
                 given by the value of database.path. The default is to deliver to the  top-level

                 Try  to  create  the  folder named by the --folder option, if it does not exist.
                 Otherwise the folder must already exist for mail delivery to succeed.

       This command returns exit status 0 if the message  was  successfully  added  to  the  mail
       directory,  even if the message could not be indexed and added to the notmuch database. In
       the latter case, a warning will be printed to standard error but the message file will  be
       left on disk.

       If the message could not be written to disk then a non-zero exit status is returned.

       notmuch(1),  notmuch-config(1),  notmuch-count(1), notmuch-dump(1), notmuch-hooks(5), not‐
       much-reply(1),  notmuch-restore(1),   notmuch-search(1),   notmuch-search-terms(7),   not‐
       much-show(1), notmuch-tag(1)

       Carl Worth and many others

       2014, Carl Worth and many others

0.18.2                                   October 25, 2014                       NOTMUCH-INSERT(1)

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