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RUN-WITH-ASPELL(1)               Aspell Abbreviated User's Manual              RUN-WITH-ASPELL(1)

       run-with-aspell - script to help use GNU Aspell as an ispell replacement

       run-with-aspell <command>

       The recommended way to use Aspell as a replacement for Ispell is to change the Ispell com‐
       mand from within the program being used.  If that is  not  possible,  the  run-with-aspell
       script may be used instead.

              is the name of the program with any optional arguments.

       The  old  method of mapping ispell to Aspell is discouraged because it can create compati‐
       bility problems with programs that actually require ispell such as ispell's own scripts.

       aspell(1), aspell-import(1), word-list-compress(1)

       Aspell is fully documented in its Texinfo manual.  See the `aspell' entry in info for more
       complete documentation.

       This  manual  page was written by Sudhakar Chandrasekharan <thaths AT netscape.com> and Brian
       Nelson <pyro AT debian.org>.

GNU                                         2004-03-03                         RUN-WITH-ASPELL(1)

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