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SIL_DEV_CONFIG(9)                       sata_sil Internals                      SIL_DEV_CONFIG(9)

       sil_dev_config - Apply device/host-specific errata fixups

       void sil_dev_config(struct ata_device * dev);

           Device to be examined

       After the IDENTIFY [PACKET] DEVICE step is complete, and a device is known to be present,
       this function is called. We apply two errata fixups which are specific to Silicon Image, a
       Seagate and a Maxtor fixup.

       For certain Seagate devices, we must limit the maximum sectors to under 8K.

       For certain Maxtor devices, we must not program the drive beyond udma5.

       Both fixups are unfairly pessimistic. As soon as I get more information on these errata, I
       will create a more exhaustive list, and apply the fixups to only the specific
       devices/hosts/firmwares that need it.

       20040111 - Seagate drives affected by the Mod15Write bug are blacklisted The Maxtor quirk
       is in the blacklist, but I'm keeping the original pessimistic fix for the following
       reasons... - There seems to be less info on it, only one device gleaned off the Windows
       driver, maybe only one is affected. More info would be greatly appreciated. - But then
       again UDMA5 is hardly anything to complain about

       Jeff Garzik

Kernel Hackers Manual 4.8.                 January 2017                         SIL_DEV_CONFIG(9)

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