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STRUCT CRYPTO_ALG(9)                  Programming Interface                  STRUCT CRYPTO_ALG(9)

       struct_crypto_alg - definition of a cryptograpic cipher algorithm

       struct crypto_alg {
         struct list_head cra_list;
         struct list_head cra_users;
         u32 cra_flags;
         unsigned int cra_blocksize;
         unsigned int cra_ctxsize;
         unsigned int cra_alignmask;
         int cra_priority;
         atomic_t cra_refcnt;
         char cra_name[CRYPTO_MAX_ALG_NAME];
         char cra_driver_name[CRYPTO_MAX_ALG_NAME];
         const struct crypto_type * cra_type;
         union cra_u;
         int (* cra_init) (struct crypto_tfm *tfm);
         void (* cra_exit) (struct crypto_tfm *tfm);
         void (* cra_destroy) (struct crypto_alg *alg);
         struct module * cra_module;

           internally used

           internally used

           Flags describing this transformation. See include/linux/crypto.h CRYPTO_ALG_* flags
           for the flags which go in here. Those are used for fine-tuning the description of the
           transformation algorithm.

           Minimum block size of this transformation. The size in bytes of the smallest possible
           unit which can be transformed with this algorithm. The users must respect this value.
           In case of HASH transformation, it is possible for a smaller block than cra_blocksize
           to be passed to the crypto API for transformation, in case of any other transformation
           type, an error will be returned upon any attempt to transform smaller than
           cra_blocksize chunks.

           Size of the operational context of the transformation. This value informs the kernel
           crypto API about the memory size needed to be allocated for the transformation

           Alignment mask for the input and output data buffer. The data buffer containing the
           input data for the algorithm must be aligned to this alignment mask. The data buffer
           for the output data must be aligned to this alignment mask. Note that the Crypto API
           will do the re-alignment in software, but only under special conditions and there is a
           performance hit. The re-alignment happens at these occasions for different cra_u
           types: cipher -- For both input data and output data buffer; ahash -- For output hash
           destination buf; shash -- For output hash destination buf. This is needed on hardware
           which is flawed by design and cannot pick data from arbitrary addresses.

           Priority of this transformation implementation. In case multiple transformations with
           same cra_name are available to the Crypto API, the kernel will use the one with
           highest cra_priority.

           internally used

           Generic name (usable by multiple implementations) of the transformation algorithm.
           This is the name of the transformation itself. This field is used by the kernel when
           looking up the providers of particular transformation.

           Unique name of the transformation provider. This is the name of the provider of the
           transformation. This can be any arbitrary value, but in the usual case, this contains
           the name of the chip or provider and the name of the transformation algorithm.

           Type of the cryptographic transformation. This is a pointer to struct crypto_type,
           which implements callbacks common for all transformation types. There are multiple
           options: crypto_blkcipher_type, crypto_ablkcipher_type, crypto_ahash_type,
           crypto_rng_type. This field might be empty. In that case, there are no common
           callbacks. This is the case for: cipher, compress, shash.

           Callbacks implementing the transformation. This is a union of multiple structures.
           Depending on the type of transformation selected by cra_type and cra_flags above, the
           associated structure must be filled with callbacks. This field might be empty. This is
           the case for ahash, shash.

           Initialize the cryptographic transformation object. This function is used to
           initialize the cryptographic transformation object. This function is called only once
           at the instantiation time, right after the transformation context was allocated. In
           case the cryptographic hardware has some special requirements which need to be handled
           by software, this function shall check for the precise requirement of the
           transformation and put any software fallbacks in place.

           Deinitialize the cryptographic transformation object. This is a counterpart to
           cra_init, used to remove various changes set in cra_init.

           internally used

           Owner of this transformation implementation. Set to THIS_MODULE

       The struct crypto_alg describes a generic Crypto API algorithm and is common for all of
       the transformations. Any variable not documented here shall not be used by a cipher
       implementation as it is internal to the Crypto API.

       Stephan Mueller <smueller AT chronox.de>

       Marek Vasut <marek AT denx.de>

Kernel Hackers Manual 4.8.                 January 2017                      STRUCT CRYPTO_ALG(9)

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