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STRUCT RNG_ALG(9)                     Programming Interface                     STRUCT RNG_ALG(9)

       struct_rng_alg - random number generator definition

       struct rng_alg {
         int (* generate) (struct crypto_rng *tfm,const u8 *src, unsigned int slen,u8 *dst, unsigned int dlen);
         int (* seed) (struct crypto_rng *tfm, const u8 *seed, unsigned int slen);
         void (* set_ent) (struct crypto_rng *tfm, const u8 *data,unsigned int len);
         unsigned int seedsize;
         struct crypto_alg base;

           The function defined by this variable obtains a random number. The random number
           generator transform must generate the random number out of the context provided with
           this call, plus any additional data if provided to the call.

           Seed or reseed the random number generator. With the invocation of this function call,
           the random number generator shall become ready for generation. If the random number
           generator requires a seed for setting up a new state, the seed must be provided by the
           consumer while invoking this function. The required size of the seed is defined with
           seedsize .

           Set entropy that would otherwise be obtained from entropy source. Internal use only.

           The seed size required for a random number generator initialization defined with this
           variable. Some random number generators does not require a seed as the seeding is
           implemented internally without the need of support by the consumer. In this case, the
           seed size is set to zero.

           Common crypto API algorithm data structure.

       Stephan Mueller <smueller AT chronox.de>

       Marek Vasut <marek AT denx.de>

Kernel Hackers Manual 4.8.                 January 2017                         STRUCT RNG_ALG(9)

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