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TRACE_PUTS(9)                             Driver Basics                             TRACE_PUTS(9)

       trace_puts - write a string into the ftrace buffer


           the string to record

       __trace_bputs is an internal function for trace_puts and the ip is passed in via the
       trace_puts macro.

       This is similar to trace_printk but is made for those really fast paths that a developer
       wants the least amount of “Heisenbug” affects, where the processing of the print format is
       still too much.

       This function allows a kernel developer to debug fast path sections that printk is not
       appropriate for. By scattering in various printk like tracing in the code, a developer can
       quickly see where problems are occurring.

       This is intended as a debugging tool for the developer only. Please refrain from leaving
       trace_puts scattered around in your code. (Extra memory is used for special buffers that
       are allocated when trace_puts is used)

       0 if nothing was written, positive # if string was. (1 when __trace_bputs is used,
       strlen(str) when __trace_puts is used)

Kernel Hackers Manual 4.8.                 January 2017                             TRACE_PUTS(9)

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