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Network Operating Center

IAD/Mega building

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The Main building is owned by external pressure. Previously Rootroute main center was in the bay area, but as it is prone to earthquakes, power shortages,
Rootroute moved to a secure location in 2002, more international. In the Largest Internet Service Center in The world, a real estate owned by SunEvision in Asia. With more than 350,000 square feet, and leading security. The whole building is designed and build for internet industry from the ground-up, Class-A facilities, ISO-9001:2000 certified. 99.9% true uptime. It has adundant roof space for satellite antennas. The same facility is used by banking recovery centers, And is also core to major US and Asian backbones, such as Global Crossing, Reach and others, which Rootroute uses directly for internet traffic and routing.   
IAD/onei N.O.C.

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