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Biometric Hand Scanner

A Surveillance Post

OpenBSD TCP/IP Stack

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Physical security policies at Rootroute

First a person entering the building is met by guards checking identity credentials and screening through a metal detector, similar to entering customs at the airport. Each entry is recorded, and the staff also goes through this procedure.

Second, after arriving at the appropriate floor, another staff checks again the tag issued, records the purpose of visit, and then is escorted into the actual facility. The escort himself goes through a biometric device scanning the hand. An electromagentic pass is issued, and a cabinet is open after entering. All the cabinet alleys are under camera (CCTV) surveillance, and there is no blind corner left.

In Addition to these procedures, There are regular manned security patrols to check the rooms are ok. For the main data center, a special agreement and coordination line with the local Police force is in place for quick response in case of intrusion or order disturbances.

All Rootroute servers use OpenBSD, and has been doing so since its inception. OpenBSD is the network Operating system leader in Efficient Security, while preserving flexibility to confortable users. All OpenBSD source code is audited on daily basis, by experienced international programmers of both old and new generation. OpenBSD also has excellent documentation that allow programmers to create stable program codes. OpenBSD supports a very large variety of hardware and network interfacing.
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