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SSL certificates     -    SSL cert. F.A.Q.

Rootroute's secure certificates use SSL, which is currently the most secure possibility for the web. They are recognized by 99.3% of browsers, on all major platforms. In most cases, a certificate can be obtained and installed live within a few days.

SSL certificates price schedule:

Service Description Pricing, in USD
SSL-N1Y new certificate, valid 1 year $45.00
SSL-N2Y new certificate, valid 2 years $85.00
SSL-N3Y new certificate, valid 3 years $119.00
SSL-GRIT [ 1 ] Gather certificate data and information.
[ 2 ] Secure Certificate generation, w/High-Q seed.
[ 3 ] Request with the C.A. (certificate authority).
[ 4 ] Certificate installation and domain configuration.
[ 5 ] Certificate testing.
$120.00 For external customers.
$0.00 For Rootroute customers.
SSL-GRIT is needed for new certificates..
This is a one-time fee and is not needed for renewals.
SSL-R1Y renewal of certificate +1 year $45.00
SSL-R2Y renewal of Certificate +2 years $85.00
SSL-R3Y renewal of Certificate +3 years $119.00
SSL-WC1Y Wildcard SSL certificates. valid 1 year. To secure multiple subdomains with one certificate. $439
SSL-WC2Y Wildcard SSL certificates. valid 2 years. $795
SSL-WC2Y Wildcard SSL certificates. valid 3 years. $1175
SSLSUB SSL domain such as https://somename.rootr.net/
Uses RootR.net wildcard certificate. Same security as any other domain certificate.
SSL-EEX Import, Installation and Testing of an existing certificate on a Rootroute account. 0.00

Check out also the quick SSL certificates F.A.Q., Where ordering a certificate is explained.

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