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On what browsers and which platforms the certificates are directly recognized ?

The certificates issued via Rootroute are directly compatible and recognized by
99.3% of the current browser market, which includes all popular browsers, and also many less common browsers. It is currently the best possible for a secure web site.

Supported browsers
  • Internet Explorer 5.01+, 6.x+, and newer.
  • Netscape 4.51+, 6.x, 7.x, and newer.
  • AOL Browser 6.x, 7.x, and newer.
  • Mozilla, Firefox.
  • Konqueror, Galleon.
  • Links, w3m, and lynx w/ssl.
  • Opera 7 and newer.
Supported browser platforms
  • Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, CE.
  • MacOS, Apple OS-X.
  • Linux, all distributions.
  • OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD.
  • DOS, FreeDOS, Plan9.
  • BSDI, Solaris, QNX.
  • HP-UX, AIX.

The remaining very small amount of browsers that are not recognized contains insecure browsers, very old browsers, and browsers not supporting SSL/TLS.

What are the advantages of SSL ?

All certificates installed on Rootroute's servers use securized DNS. DNS is the aspect of SSL that is very often overlooked by SSL providers, but is important to ensure strong and secure integrity. TLS is the newer version of SSL, which we use.

A Dedicated IP is allocated to all secure SSL web site certificates, another feature important for SSL integrity. This combination offers the currently strongest security practice possible for the web.

How about certificates less than 128 bits ?

Rootroute does not provide any such, due to the low security level, and their outdated nature. A warning however, some major certificate providers are still offering it without explaining anything about the insecurity, Just mentioning they are "not as good", and at the same time displaying 128 bit SSL as "very secure", while actually it should be the standard today. This is also a strategy used to enforce SSL 128 bits customer pricings upto unreasonable levels.

Rootroute Stopped offering certificates less than 128 bits many years ago, We prefer promote better security practices. All certs here are with at least 128/256 bit encryption, for 2048 bits signatures of Industry Standard SSL Certificates.
How do I get my SSL certificate:

Choose a domain name to which the certificates will be attached. such as ssl.example.com. Replace the "example.com" part with your web site's name, and replace "ssl" with any sub-domain name you choose, such as: secure, ssl, www, https, web, shop. but any prefix will work. Also gather the contact data of the company or organization who will be associated with the certificate.

Ordering if you do not have a Rootroute account:

Sign up online at https://secure.RootR.net/order.html, select the "SSL certificate" account type. Enter the company information as associated with the certificate. Once the account is setup, a technician will follow you on the certificate process. The card is charged only when the certificate is delivered.

Ordering if you already have a Rootroute account:

Then do not set up a new account. Accounts are integrated in one, and all you need to do is request the certificate, confirming by e-mail you authorize the charge. Ask ssl@RootR.net. or support@RootR.net.

I cannot afford a certificate. However I want SSL for my online users, what are the other options ?

Let's say you have a domain http://www.example.com/
You can ask for secure domain on https://something.rootr.net/ There is no charge for this. Some live online business shops and secure web applications such as login interfaces find it usefull. It can be used like any regular secure web site, and have their own separate log files. This is a costless alternative to a dedicated domain certificate.

Email support with the service code for this: SSLSUB
The "something" part may be your login name, or another name of your choice, as long as it is not already used or reserved. The name can only contain letters, numbers and hyphens "-".
Another example: https://some-other-example.rootr.net/

If you want the exact domain to appear in the URL, you can create a directory. For example, a URL such as: https://something.rootr.net/ssl/example.com/

Are there other options possible ?

New certificates may include a ChoicePoint business registration ID, which is the electronic equivalent of a DUNS number. Different C.A. are also available on request, with a different pricing schedule (typically higher fees and lengthly process). Ask ssl@RootR.net.

The Root C.A. mostly used by Rootroute is hold by Equifax. Rootroute have currently 3 separate agreements with 3 different certificate providers, so it allows Rootroute to offer low costs and a variety of options.

Can Rootr.net install a certificate from another provider ?

Yes, we accept external certificates. It needs to be in the apache + mod_ssl compatible (CRT), which they most likely support. However all SSL certs on rootr.net require a static IP for their security, which is $1.00 per month. Note that the IP in your account will thus likely change. rootr.net handles the related DNS updates for your account. This static IP is the only charge for this.

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