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Working with Rootroute

No full-time position at present.
However Certain projects could use contract work.

Requirements Some technical skills Rootroute can use:
Notes: Contacting Rootroute for work hires:

Email jobs@rootr.net, in plain text:

  1. The first part should be a descriptive introduction to yourself, contains what you look for in your expectations, and the competences you think rootr.net could use. 10 to 30 lines max.
  2. The second part a full resume in plain ascii text, from 50 to 200 lines. We can read other formats, but they are not accepted.
  3. Also include: Full name, Location, Nationality. Do not send us email if you don't believe Rootroute is a fair company.
Resumes are marked as outdated after 6 months.

For contracts involving scripting, 1 or 2 short scripts demonstrating command of a programming language. We don't need complex or brain-storming scripts, just basic, working things. If you participate in open-source projects, send the project url, and source downloads url.

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