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Dedicated Servers

  • Server can host over a 1000 accounts
  • Multi-Gigabit Optical Backbone connectivity
  • Constant network Monitoring
  • DNS serving of domains
  • Experienced system administrators
  • Can show your own ns1/ns2.yourcompany.com in whois
  • We can lease the hardware affordably
  • Choice of best hardware components within your budget
  • Business freedom to sell our services, if you want to
  • Root access options
  • Virtual host for web and email
  • Web, FTP, MySQL, OpenSSH, SSL, Perl, PHP4, Python, CGI, suexec.
  • Graphical network traffic report
  • Security monitoring
  • Network monitoring
  • Installation and support for secure certificates.
  • Redundant industrial power supply
  • Redundant hard drives
  • Special prices for 1GB RAM
  • We can help you move existing data
  • Controled physical environment
Pricing here     or Ask sales@rootr.net

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