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Rootroute - Misc FAQ

How is storage and traffic calculated on my bill ?
Storage is taken on the monthly average, and traffic is the total bytes sent from and to the web sites and the transfered files.

What operating system and software do the servers run ?
Most of our system run OpenBSD, well known in the industry for its extra-strength security. We use secure software for email and domain name services. We prefer spend on the extra technical expertise and time to ensure security and privacy.

On the server, a large variety of shell is available, as well a variety of programming languages, perl modules, database etc. All that is needed for professional web developers. Also we are flexible and let user install their own software with shell access.

What web design program are compatible ?
Pretty much all design programs following the standards, such as DreamWeaver, Adobe Pagemil, Hotmetal Pro, Allaire's home site, hotdog pro, netscape composer, in any version, and many others.

What kind of bandwidth do you have, how fast ?
Our upstreams are direct backbone connections on multiple OC48. This connectivity is international, which means people viewing your web sites from any part of the world will have the same available speed as from the US. That means more bandwidth than any single computer or a LAN can ever handle. Additionally we can add bandwidth anytime if there's any need.
Our servers are located in Montreal Canada. Other location are planned. previous data center locations have been discontinued.

I want/have multiple accounts, Can you bill me in one ?
Integrated billing is available to save you time, one statement per month for all combined accounts. If you have several accounts you want to merge, just email us at billing@rootr.net.

How about groups of users
you can create user groups with their own permissions, in the full unix sense of the term. This is your liberty.

Can I run background processes ?
Yes. make sure it does not act as a gateway for service denials. If unsure if the process qualifies, please ask support. some processes that qualify: mysqld server, postgresql server, and database servers in general. http servers, such as apache, nginx, lighttpd, also are fine.

Will you put your adverts on our websites ?
Not at all, this is why you pay us. We do not interfere with your business. Rootroute considers ads-for-hosting a form of barter rather than true free hosting, and therefore little different from paid service. However presenting a service as free or almost free, in effect, is a license to not perform and not ensure quality and unsecure stability. This is the reason we do not offer advertised hosting.

Can I open an account and pay later ?

Can I have a static ip ?
Yes if you need it, ask support&64;rootr.net. According your account type, there may be a low monthly fee. dedicated server and colocated customers can ask for several ips or whole netblocks if they need. We can handle reverse DNS for you at no extra charge. IPs and netblock are allocated on a needed basis, according IANA policies.

Do you offer dial-up or DSL ?
We do not. We keep maximum bandwidth for websites, this bandwidth is not shared with dial up and DSL. Also this is more secure for many users. We do offer leased lines for larger capacity, such as T1 and T3, for business use, with your carrier of choice. Ask our sales technician at sales@rootr.net

Do you support IMAP ?
Yes we support imap mailboxes. you can create subfolders, share folders, all in one central place. IMAP is ideal for people traveling. We also support other less common features, imap-SSL and pop3-SSL.

Do you support MySQL ?
Yes, mysql databases are included with all accounts. you can access it trougth the shell, with PHP, with perl DBI, C/C++, and other languages, as well trougth a web interface.

Do you support PHP ?
Yes, PHP4 is available. We have built-in a large number of modules, such as GD library from Boutell to make on-the-fly graphics, PDF generation, email management, sessions, GDBM, mysql, and others.

Python and other programming languages ?
Python too is there, no problem with python libraries. As well TCL, C/C++ compilers and many developer tools and editors.

Can I run CGI scripts under my user id ?
Yes. In fact this is the default settings on all Rootroute servers. Only you have control and access to cgi dynamic web pages.

Other apache features
We also support:

  • SpeedyCGI, a very fast and easy perl cgi backend..
  • Custom apache authentication, where you can write your own login systems.
  • mod_rewrite, to manipulate extensively web URLs.
  • Server side includes.
  • Mod_perl which integrates all apache server capability into perl.
  • About 17 programming languages, with known libraries.

Web domain typing
People browsing the web can access your domain both as www.example.com and just example.com. it will go to the same place. Also remember domain names are not case sensitive, "EXAMplE.Com" will also go to the same place.

Domain name extensions
We register for you automatically domains in .com, .net, .org, .info We support also all other extensions, including codes domains such as .uk, .in, .hk, .fr etc. if you have such a domain, you can host the web and email with Rootroute.

non-english character sets
We support non english charater sets, for european and asian languages. On the web, in email, and in databases.

What languages do you speak ?
Our official communication languages are english and french, with which we are fluent.

Rootroute supports online credit card processing. if you don't have a merchant account and want online accepting of credit cards (visa, mastercard etc.) we can guide you for the merchant application, the shopping cart setup. Also we can generate certificate key for your own secure domain, registering the key with Thawte, Verisign, Globalsign or others. Our servers support and use 128 bit SSL keys.

I would like to add/ask another FAQ
You can submit a request on https://secure.RootR.net/request.html

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