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mod_perl is supported

Current Perl version is 5.8. stable.
In addition to the standard modules, below is a partial List of installed perl modules and libraries, ready-to-use, such as the Mysql DBD/DBI. Automatic graphic generation, strong cryptography, Speedy CGI, OO HTML, Intenet sockets control, Mason templating, Email filtering, Excel file manipulation, inline gluing with other languages ...
Also, customers are at liberty to install their own modules.

Rootroute also support The PersistentPerl (aka SpeedyCGI) backend acceleralor, which enables to speed up a lot, and easily, existing perl scripts.

Choice of Perl Accounts
List of ready installed modules, servers-wide: module list.
Standard modules are not counted to keep this already long list readable enough. Note That HTML::Mason is installed and runs fine both with and without mod_perl.

In addition, if you know of a stable CPAN module of general interest, you can suggest our engineering support to install it server-wide. Local installation in your own account is no problem, and you don't need to ask us to do it.

You can install MT::* (moveable type) in your account and have mod_perl handlers configured for it. MT can have security features enabled because Rootroute uses suexec. (see: moveable type installation manual, configuration section: "Enable security features"). MT can be with either Berkeley DB, mysql, or postgresql. SOAP::Lite and other MT optional modules are installed.

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