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Rootroute - Domain names FAQ

Can you register my domain name ?

Yes, rootr.net can register domain names for you, in many common extensions. you can check the domain rate list here When registering, rootr.net may create automatically a handle in your name, either business, organisation or personal according your need. You own those domains, and rootr.net does not interfere with ownership.

What about other domains and country domains ?

We support hosting any other top level domains, including all 2-letters country names. However, we do not register all country-level domain, you will need to register them on your own and give them the nameservers below. For a list of supported country, see directly supported extension list and rates

I am transfering hosting over to you, what are the nameservers ?

use the following:
Primary DNS:NS1.ROOTR.NETip =
Secondary DNS:NS2.ROOTR.NETip =

Note: Do not use the other rootr.net nameservers, unless instructed by rootr support. Otherwise you may see DNS performance decrease due to empty "round-robin DNS slots", even if it seems to work.

Transfering domain registration to be handled by rootr.net

When you ask rootr.net to tranfer the domain registration, by transfering the registration to be handled by rootr.net, the year(s) are added to the existing expiring date. Most registrars add a year to the time you transfer instead of current expiration dates.

Even if you add only 1 year, rootr.net can also automatically renew the domain 1 month before its expiration.

Domain ownership

All domains registered or transfered using rootr.net retain your ownership. rootr.net only acts as a technical service provider. If you choose to leave rootr.net, you retain ownership and the ability to control the domain.

I don't want to register any domain

Accounts ordered without a domain name, are given a domain under rootr.com, such as example.rootr.com. There is no charge for this.

Do you support bulk registration ?

Yes, we can do bulk registration if you give us the domain list
. Discount apply for packs of 10, 100 and 1000 domains.

Is rootr.net a registrar ?

No, rootr.net is not a registrar, but handles domain registrations and transfers for customer convenience. rootr.net has partnership agreements with about 5 registrars and registries such as gandi.net and enom, specializing in direct agreements, so rootr.net users can get a lower pricing than they usually would alone. This also allows users who choose so, to deal with less providers, to simplify and save time.

Rootr.net also reviews these registrars have a proper policies regarding domain ownership, policies and other details, to ensure rootr.net's users privacy and rights of ownership are preserved, and in general who are user friendly in the event more difficult problem arises. Some very cheap registrar don't conform with rootr.net's privacy standard. And strangely (or not), some very expensive registrar don't either.

Additionally, rootr.net ensures the domain owners will stay worry-free and in control of their domain, even if they choose to host their sites outside rootr.net on their own.

Do you support subdomains ?

Yes, you can have for example: somesub.example.com.
or even further nesting: abc.sub.example.com.
The subdomain can:

  • either map to one of your ftp directory.
  • or redirect to another domain,
  • or point at an ip address on your LAN, even if outside Rootroute.
  • can also have its own email users independantly.
  • can have its own log files if necessary.

Do you support having multiple domains on the same account ?
Yes, no problem. if you have other domains you want to register or you already own, contact support.

What other DNS features can you do ?

Rootroute also supports:

  • Split view DNS.
  • Wildcard subdomains.
  • Multiple MX records.
  • Non-standard TTL and dynamic DNS.
  • Stand-alone specialized, dedicated DNS servers.
  • DJBDNS, a fast and secure DNS server from Bernstein.
  • DNS caching high-load.
  • Less-used and experimental dns records.

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