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A2ENSITE(8)                          System Manager's Manual                          A2ENSITE(8)

       a2ensite, a2dissite - enable or disable an apache2 site / virtual host

       a2ensite [ [-q|--quiet] site]

       a2dissite [ [-q|--quiet] site]

       This manual page documents briefly the a2ensite and a2dissite commands.

       a2ensite  is  a  script  that  enables  the specified site (which contains a <VirtualHost>
       block) within the apache2  configuration.   It  does  this  by  creating  symlinks  within
       /etc/apache2/sites-enabled.   Likewise,  a2dissite  disables a site by removing those sym‐
       links.  It is not an error to enable a site which is already enabled, or  to  disable  one
       which is already disabled.

       Apache  treats the very first virtual host enabled specially as every request not matching
       any actual directive is being redirected there. Thus it should be  called  000-default  in
       order to sort before the remaining hosts to be loaded first.

       -q, --quiet
              Don't show informative messages.

       -m, --maintmode
              Enables the maintainer mode, that is the program invocation is effectuated automat‐
              ically by a maintainer script. This switch should not be used by end users.

       -p, --purge
              When disabling a module, purge all traces of the module in the internal state  data

       a2ensite  and  a2dissite  exit with status 0 if all sites are processed successfully, 1 if
       errors occur, 2 if an invalid option was used.

              a2dissite 000-default

       Disables the default site.

              Directory with files giving information on available sites.

              Directory with links to the files in sites-available for enabled sites.


       This manual page was written by Stefan Fritsch <sf AT debian.org> (based on the a2enmod  man‐
       ual page by Daniel Stone <daniel AT sfarc.net>) for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.

                                           8 June 2007                                A2ENSITE(8)

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