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Alien::Package::Rpm(3pm)       User Contributed Perl Documentation       Alien::Package::Rpm(3pm)

       Alien::Package::Rpm - an object that represents a rpm package

       This is an object class that represents a rpm package. It is derived from Alien::Package.

           Relocatable rpm packages have a prefixes field.

           Detect rpm files by their extention.

           Install a rpm. If RPMINSTALLOPT is set in the environement, the options in it are
           passed to rpm on its command line.

           Implement the scan method to read a rpm file.

           Implement the unpack method to unpack a rpm file. This is a little nasty because it
           has to handle relocatable rpms and has to do a bit of permissions fixing as well.

           Prepare for package building by generating the spec file.

           Delete the spec file.

           Build a rpm. If RPMBUILDOPT is set in the environement, the options in it are passed
           to rpm on its command line.

           An optional parameter, if passed, can be used to specify the program to use to build
           the rpm. It defaults to rpmbuild.

           Set/get version.

           When retreiving the version, remove any dashes in it.

           Set/get script fields.

           When retrieving a value, we have to do some truely sick mangling. Since
           debian/slackware scripts can be anything -- perl programs or binary files -- and rpm
           is limited to only shell scripts, we need to encode the files and add a scrap of shell
           script to make it unextract and run on the fly.

           When setting a value, we do some mangling too. Rpm maintainer scripts are typically
           shell scripts, but often lack the leading shebang line.  This can confuse dpkg, so add
           the shebang if it looks like there is no shebang magic already in place.

           Additionally, it's not uncommon for rpm maintainer scripts to contain bashisms, which
           can be triggered when they are ran on systems where /bin/sh is not bash. To work
           around this, the shebang line of the scripts is changed to use bash.

           Also, if the rpm is relocatable, the script could refer to RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX, which
           is set by rpm at run time. Deal with this by adding code to the script to set

           Set/get arch field. When the arch field is set, some sanitizing is done first to
           convert it to the debian format used internally. When it's retreived it's converted
           back to rpm form from the internal form.

       Joey Hess <joey AT kitenet.net>

perl v5.20.0                                2014-07-02                   Alien::Package::Rpm(3pm)

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