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Apache::TestRun(3pm)           User Contributed Perl Documentation           Apache::TestRun(3pm)

       Apache::TestRun - Run the test suite

       The "Apache::TestRun" package controls the configuration and running of the test suite.

       Several methods are sub-classable, if the default behavior should be changed.

       The "bug_report()" method is executed when "t/TEST" was executed with the "-bugreport"
       option, and "make test" (or "t/TEST") fail. Normally this is callback which you can use to
       tell the user how to deal with the problem, e.g. suggesting to read some document or email
       some details to someone who can take care of it. By default nothing is executed.

       The "-bugreport" option is needed so this feature won't become annoying to developers
       themselves. It's automatically added to the "run_tests" target in Makefile. So if you
       repeateadly have to test your code, just don't use "make test" but run "t/TEST" directly.
       Here is an example of a custom "t/TEST"


         package My::TestRun;
         use base 'Apache::TestRun';

         sub bug_report {
             my $self = shift;

             print <<EOI;
         | Please file a bug report: http://perl.apache.org/bugs/ |

       The "pre_configure()" method is executed before the configuration for "Apache::Test" is
       generated. So if you need to adjust the setup before httpd.conf and other files are
       autogenerated, this is the right place to do so.

       For example if you don't want to inherit a LoadModule directive for mod_apreq.so but to
       make sure that the local version is used, you can sub-class "Apache::TestRun" and override
       this method in t/TEST.PL:

         package My::TestRun;
         use base 'Apache::TestRun';
         use Apache::TestConfig;

         sub pre_configure {
             my $self = shift;
             # Don't load an installed mod_apreq


       Notice that the extension is .c, and not .so.

       Don't forget to run the super class' c<pre_configure()> method.

       META: to be completed

perl v5.20.2                                2011-01-23                       Apache::TestRun(3pm)

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