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CHECKPOINT(7)                     PostgreSQL 12.3 Documentation                     CHECKPOINT(7)

       CHECKPOINT - force a write-ahead log checkpoint


       A checkpoint is a point in the write-ahead log sequence at which all data files have been
       updated to reflect the information in the log. All data files will be flushed to disk.
       Refer to Section 29.4 for more details about what happens during a checkpoint.

       The CHECKPOINT command forces an immediate checkpoint when the command is issued, without
       waiting for a regular checkpoint scheduled by the system (controlled by the settings in
       Section 19.5.2).  CHECKPOINT is not intended for use during normal operation.

       If executed during recovery, the CHECKPOINT command will force a restartpoint (see
       Section 29.4) rather than writing a new checkpoint.

       Only superusers can call CHECKPOINT.

       The CHECKPOINT command is a PostgreSQL language extension.

PostgreSQL 12.3                                2020                                 CHECKPOINT(7)

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