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MUTEX_LOCK(9)                          Mutex API reference                          MUTEX_LOCK(9)

       mutex_lock - acquire the mutex

       void __sched mutex_lock(struct mutex * lock);

           the mutex to be acquired

       Lock the mutex exclusively for this task. If the mutex is not available right now, it will
       sleep until it can get it.

       The mutex must later on be released by the same task that acquired it. Recursive locking
       is not allowed. The task may not exit without first unlocking the mutex. Also, kernel
       memory where the mutex resides must not be freed with the mutex still locked. The mutex
       must first be initialized (or statically defined) before it can be locked.  memset-ing the
       mutex to 0 is not allowed.

       ( The CONFIG_DEBUG_MUTEXES .config option turns on debugging checks that will enforce the
       restrictions and will also do deadlock debugging. )

       This function is similar to (but not equivalent to) down.

       Rusty Russell <rusty AT rustcorp.au>

Kernel Hackers Manual 4.8.                 January 2017                             MUTEX_LOCK(9)

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