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Pod::Simple::RTF(3perl)          Perl Programmers Reference Guide         Pod::Simple::RTF(3perl)

       Pod::Simple::RTF -- format Pod as RTF

         perl -MPod::Simple::RTF -e \
          "exit Pod::Simple::RTF->filter(shift)->any_errata_seen" \
          thingy.pod > thingy.rtf

       This class is a formatter that takes Pod and renders it as RTF, good for viewing/printing
       in MSWord, WordPad/write.exe, TextEdit, etc.

       This is a subclass of Pod::Simple and inherits all its methods.

       You can set these attributes on the parser object before you call "parse_file" (or a
       similar method) on it:

       $parser->head1_halfpoint_size( halfpoint_integer );
       $parser->head2_halfpoint_size( halfpoint_integer );
       $parser->head3_halfpoint_size( halfpoint_integer );
       $parser->head4_halfpoint_size( halfpoint_integer );
           These methods set the size (in half-points, like 52 for 26-point) that these heading
           levels will appear as.

       $parser->codeblock_halfpoint_size( halfpoint_integer );
           This method sets the size (in half-points, like 21 for 10.5-point) that codeblocks
           ("verbatim sections") will appear as.

       $parser->header_halfpoint_size( halfpoint_integer );
           This method sets the size (in half-points, like 15 for 7.5-point) that the header on
           each page will appear in.  The header is usually just "modulename p. pagenumber".

       $parser->normal_halfpoint_size( halfpoint_integer );
           This method sets the size (in half-points, like 26 for 13-point) that normal
           paragraphic text will appear in.

       $parser->no_proofing_exemptions( true_or_false );
           Set this value to true if you don't want the formatter to try putting a hidden code on
           all Perl symbols (as best as it can notice them) that labels them as being not in
           English, and so not worth spellchecking.

       $parser->doc_lang( microsoft_decimal_language_code )
           This sets the language code to tag this document as being in. By default, it is
           currently the value of the environment variable "RTFDEFLANG", or if that's not set,
           then the value 1033 (for US English).

           Setting this appropriately is useful if you want to use the RTF to spellcheck, and/or
           if you want it to hyphenate right.

           Here are some notable values:

             1033  US English
             2057  UK English
             3081  Australia English
             4105  Canada English
             1034  Spain Spanish
             2058  Mexico Spanish
             1031  Germany German
             1036  France French
             3084  Canada French
             1035  Finnish
             1044  Norwegian (Bokmal)
             2068  Norwegian (Nynorsk)

       If you are particularly interested in customizing this module's output even more, see the
       source and/or write to me.

       Pod::Simple, RTF::Writer, RTF::Cookbook, RTF::Document, RTF::Generator

       Questions or discussion about POD and Pod::Simple should be sent to the
       pod-people AT perl.org mail list. Send an empty email to pod-people-subscribe AT perl.org to

       This module is managed in an open GitHub repository,
       <https://github.com/theory/pod-simple/>. Feel free to fork and contribute, or to clone
       <git://github.com/theory/pod-simple.git> and send patches!

       Patches against Pod::Simple are welcome. Please send bug reports to
       <bug-pod-simple AT rt.org>.

       Copyright (c) 2002 Sean M. Burke.

       This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.

       This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty;
       without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

       Pod::Simple was created by Sean M. Burke <sburke AT cpan.org>.  But don't bother him, he's

       Pod::Simple is maintained by:

       ·   Allison Randal "allison AT perl.org"

       ·   Hans Dieter Pearcey "hdp AT cpan.org"

       ·   David E. Wheeler "dwheeler AT cpan.org"

perl v5.20.2                                2014-12-27                    Pod::Simple::RTF(3perl)

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