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Regexp::Common::URI(3pm)       User Contributed Perl Documentation       Regexp::Common::URI(3pm)

       Regexp::Common::URI -- provide patterns for URIs.

           use Regexp::Common qw /URI/;

           while (<>) {
               /$RE{URI}{HTTP}/       and  print "Contains an HTTP URI.\n";

       Patterns for the following URIs are supported: fax, file, FTP, gopher, HTTP, news, NTTP,
       pop, prospero, tel, telnet, tv and WAIS.  Each is documented in the
       Regexp::Common::URI::scheme, manual page, for the appropriate scheme (in lowercase),
       except for NNTP URIs which are found in Regexp::Common::URI::news.

       Return a pattern that recognizes any of the supported URIs. With "{-keep}", only the
       entire URI is returned (in $1).

           Zigmond, D. and Vickers, M: Uniform Resource Identifiers for Television Broadcasts.
           December 2000.

           Casey, James: A FTP URL Format. November 1996.

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           Vaha-Sipila, A.: URLs for Telephone Calls. April 2000.

       Regexp::Common for a general description of how to use this interface.

       Damian Conway (damian AT conway.org)

       This package is maintained by Abigail (regexp-common AT abigail.be).

       Bound to be plenty.

       For a start, there are many common regexes missing.  Send them in to
       regexp-common AT abigail.be.

       This software is Copyright (c) 2001 - 2009, Damian Conway and Abigail.

       This module is free software, and maybe used under any of the following licenses:

        1) The Perl Artistic License.     See the file COPYRIGHT.AL.
        2) The Perl Artistic License 2.0. See the file COPYRIGHT.AL2.
        3) The BSD Licence.               See the file COPYRIGHT.BSD.
        4) The MIT Licence.               See the file COPYRIGHT.MIT.

perl v5.14.2                                2013-03-08                   Regexp::Common::URI(3pm)

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