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[ (1)                - check file types and compare values
ALTER_TYPE (7)       - change the definition of a type
APR::BucketType (3pm) - Perl API for APR bucket types
ASN1_STRING_type (3ssl) - ASN1_STRING utility functions
ASN1_STRING_type_new (3ssl) - ASN1_STRING allocation functions
ata_cable_40wire (9) - return 40 wire cable type
ata_cable_80wire (9) - return 80 wire cable type
ata_cable_sata (9)   - return SATA cable type
ata_dev_classify (9) - determine device type based on ATA-spec signature
ata_force_cbl (9)    - force cable type according to libata.force
atapi_cmd_type (9)   - Determine ATAPI command type from SCSI opcode
audit_rule_change (9) - apply all rules to the specified message type
BIO_find_type (3ssl) - BIO chain traversal
BIO_retry_type (3ssl) - BIO retry functions
blk_rq_map_kern (9)  - map kernel data to a request, for REQ_TYPE_BLOCK_PC usage
blk_rq_map_user_iov (9) - map user data to a request, for REQ_TYPE_BLOCK_PC u...
blk_rq_set_block_pc (9) - initialize a request to type BLOCK_PC
clamp (9)            - return a value clamped to a given range with strict ty...
clamp_t (9)          - return a value clamped to a given range using a given ...
clamp_val (9)        - return a value clamped to a given range using val's type
Class::Struct (3perl) - declare struct-like datatypes as Perl classes
CMS_get0_content (3ssl) - get and set CMS content types and content
CMS_get0_eContentType (3ssl) - get and set CMS content types and content
CMS_get0_type (3ssl) - get and set CMS content types and content
CMS_RecipientInfo_type (3ssl) - CMS envelopedData RecipientInfo routines
CMS_set1_eContentType (3ssl) - get and set CMS content types and content
context_type_get (3) - Routines to manipulate SELinux security contexts
context_type_set (3) - Routines to manipulate SELinux security contexts
CPAN::Meta::Prereqs (3perl) - a set of distribution prerequisites by phase an...
CREATE_TYPE (7)      - define a new data type
Data::Perl (3pm)     - Base classes wrapping fundamental Perl data types.
DBI::Const::GetInfoType (3pm) - Data describing GetInfo type codes
Devel::TypeTiny::Perl56Compat (3pm) - shims to allow Type::Tiny to run on Per...
Devel::TypeTiny::Perl58Compat (3pm) - shims to allow Type::Tiny to run on Per...
dmi_find_device (9)  - find onboard device by type/name
dnsqr (1)            - asks for records of type t under the domain name fqdn
Dpkg::Control::Types (3) - export CTRL_* constants
DROP_TYPE (7)        - remove a data type
edd_dev_is_type (9)  - is this EDD device a 'type' device?
enum_cfg80211_signal_type (9) - signal type
enum_ieee80211_frame_release_type (9) - frame release reason
enum_probe_type (9)  - device driver probe type to try Device drivers may opt...
enum_snd_jack_types (9) - Jack types which can be reported
enum_sock_type (9)   - Socket types
enum_w1_netlink_message_types (9) - message type
Error::TypeTiny (3pm) - exceptions for Type::Tiny and friends
Error::TypeTiny::Assertion (3pm) - exception when a value fails a type constr...
Error::TypeTiny::Compilation (3pm) - exception for Eval::TypeTiny
Error::TypeTiny::WrongNumberOfParameters (3pm) - exception for Type::Params
eth_proto_is_802_3 (9) - Determine if a given Ethertype/length is a protocol
eth_type_trans (9)   - determine the packet's protocol ID.
Eval::TypeTiny (3pm) - utility to evaluate a string of Perl code in a clean e...
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_type (3ssl) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_type (3ssl) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_MD_CTX_type (3ssl) - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_pkey_type (3ssl) - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_type (3ssl)   - EVP digest routines
EVP_PKEY_type (3ssl) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
ExtUtils::Typemaps (3perl) - Read/Write/Modify Perl/XS typemap files
ExtUtils::Typemaps::Cmd (3perl) - Quick commands for handling typemaps
ExtUtils::Typemaps::InputMap (3perl) - Entry in the INPUT section of a typemap
ExtUtils::Typemaps::OutputMap (3perl) - Entry in the OUTPUT section of a typemap
ExtUtils::Typemaps::Type (3perl) - Entry in the TYPEMAP section of a typemap
file (1)             - determine file type
File::MimeInfo (3pm) - Determine file type
File::MimeInfo::Applications (3pm) - Find programs to open a file by mimetype
File::MimeInfo::Magic (3pm) - Determine file type with magic
File::MimeInfo::Rox (3pm) - Open files by mimetype "Rox style"
filesystems (5)      - Linux filesystem types: minix, ext, ext2, ext3, ext4, ...
fs (5)               - Linux filesystem types: minix, ext, ext2, ext3, ext4, ...
get_default_type (3) - determine SELinux context(s) for user sessions
git-cat-file (1)     - Provide content or type and size information for repos...
git-show (1)         - Show various types of objects
grotty (1)           - groff driver for typewriter-like devices
grub-file (1)        - check file type
handle_edge_eoi_irq (9) - edge eoi type IRQ handler
handle_edge_irq (9)  - edge type IRQ handler
handle_level_irq (9) - Level type irq handler
hlist_for_each_entry (9) - iterate over list of given type
hlist_for_each_entry_safe (9) - iterate over list of given type safe against ...
ipc_init_proc_interface (9) - create a proc interface for sysipc types using ...
irq_chip_set_type_parent (9) - Set IRQ type on the parent interrupt
irq_set_irq_type (9) - set the irq trigger type for an irq
is_context_customizable (3) - check whether SELinux context type is customiza...
isfdtype (3)         - test file type of a file descriptor
iswctype (3)         - wide-character classification
iterate_supers_type (9) - call function for superblocks of given type
list_for_each_entry (9) - iterate over list of given type
list_for_each_entry_continue (9) - continue iteration over list of given type
list_for_each_entry_from (9) - iterate over list of given type from the curre...
list_for_each_entry_reverse (9) - iterate backwards over list of given type.
list_for_each_entry_safe (9) - iterate over list of given type safe against r...
LWP::MediaTypes (3pm) - guess media type for a file or a URL
Mail::Message::Convert (3pm) - conversions between message types
Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::OneLineBo... (3pm) - spamassassin body test plugin
matchmediacon (3)    - get the default SELinux security context for the speci...
MIME::Field::ContType (3pm) - a "Content-type" field
MIME::Type (3pm)     - description of one MIME type
MIME::Types (3pm)    - Definition of MIME types
mimeopen (1p)        - Open files by mimetype
mimetype (1p)        - Determine file type
MojoX::MIME::Types (3pm) - MIME Types for Mojolicious
Moose::Cookbook::Basics::Company_Subt... (3pm) - Demonstrates the use of subt...
Moose::Cookbook::Basics::Genome_Overl... (3pm) - Operator overloading, subtyp...
Moose::Cookbook::Basics::HTTP_Subtype... (3pm) - Demonstrates subtypes and co...
Moose::Cookbook::Snack::Types (3pm) - Snippets of code for using Types and Ty...
Moose::Manual::Exceptions::Manifest (3pm) - Moose's Exception Types
Moose::Manual::Types (3pm) - Moose's type system
Moose::Meta::Attribute::Native (3pm) - Delegate to native Perl types
Moose::Meta::TypeCoercion (3pm) - The Moose Type Coercion metaclass
Moose::Meta::TypeCoercion::Union (3pm) - The Moose Type Coercion metaclass fo...
Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint (3pm) - The Moose Type Constraint metaclass
Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Class (3pm) - Class/TypeConstraint parallel hier...
Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::DuckType (3pm) - Type constraint for duck typing
Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Enum (3pm) - Type constraint for enumerated values.
Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Paramete... (3pm) - Type constraints which can t...
Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Paramete... (3pm) - Type constraints with a boun...
Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Registry (3pm) - registry for type constraints
Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Role (3pm) - Role/TypeConstraint parallel hierarchy
Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Union (3pm) - A union of Moose type constraints
Moose::Util::TypeConstraints (3pm) - Type constraint system for Moose
Net::DBus::Binding::Value (3pm) - Strongly typed data value
Net::Server::MultiType (3pm) - Net::Server personality
Params::Classify (3pm) - argument type classification
pci_select_bars (9)  - Make BAR mask from the type of resource
pcm_format_to_bits (9) - Strong-typed conversion of pcm_format to bitwise
Perl::OSType (3perl) - Map Perl operating system names to generic types
perldata (1)         - Perl data types
perlxstypemap (1)    - Perl XS C/Perl type mapping
pthread_cleanup_pop_restore_np (3) - push and pop thread cancellation clean-u...
pthread_cleanup_push_defer_np (3) - push and pop thread cancellation clean-up...
pthread_setcancelstate (3) - set cancelability state and type
pthread_setcanceltype (3) - set cancelability state and type
Reply::Plugin::TypeTiny (3pm) - improved type constraint exceptions in Reply
RSA_padding_add_PKCS1_type_1 (3ssl) - asymmetric encryption padding
RSA_padding_add_PKCS1_type_2 (3ssl) - asymmetric encryption padding
RSA_padding_check_PKCS1_type_1 (3ssl) - asymmetric encryption padding
RSA_padding_check_PKCS1_type_2 (3ssl) - asymmetric encryption padding
script (1)           - make typescript of terminal session
scriptreplay (1)     - play back typescripts, using timing information
selinux_default_type_path (3) - These functions return the paths to the activ...
selinux_getpolicytype (3) - get the type of SELinux policy running on the system
selinux_securetty_types_path (3) - These functions return the paths to the ac...
snd_dma_alloc_pages (9) - allocate the buffer area according to the given type
snd_dma_alloc_pages_fallback (9) - allocate the buffer area according to the ...
snd_pcm_lib_preallocate_pages (9) - pre-allocation for the given DMA type
snd_pcm_lib_preallocate_pages_for_all (9) - pre-allocation for continuous mem...
snd_soc_jack_get_type (9) - Based on the mic bias value, this function return...
SPI_getargtypeid (3) - return the data type OID for an argument of a statemen...
SPI_gettype (3)      - return the data type name of the specified column
SPI_gettypeid (3)    - return the data type OID of the specified column
splitfont (1)        - extract characters from an ISO-type font.
SSL_alert_type_string (3ssl) - get textual description of alert information
SSL_alert_type_string_long (3ssl) - get textual description of alert information
SSL_set_tlsext_status_type (3ssl) - OCSP Certificate Status Request functions
struct_bus_type (9)  - The bus type of the device
struct_debug_obj_descr (9) - object type specific debug description structure
struct_ieee80211_iface_limit (9) - limit on certain interface types
struct_irq_chip_type (9) - Generic interrupt chip instance for a flow type
struct_jbd2_journal_handle (9) - The handle_s type is the concrete type assoc...
struct_journal_s (9) - The journal_s type is the concrete type associated wit...
struct_w1_family_ops (9) - operations for a family type
struct_w1_netlink_msg (9) - holds w1 message type, id, and result
sysfs (2)            - get filesystem type information
systemd-gpt-auto-generator (8) - Generator for automatically discovering and ...
term (7)             - conventions for naming terminal types
test (1)             - check file types and compare values
Test::TypeTiny (3pm) - useful functions for testing the efficacy of type cons...
Type::Coercion (3pm) - a set of coercions to a particular target type constraint
Type::Coercion::FromMoose (3pm) - a set of coercions borrowed from Moose
Type::Coercion::Union (3pm) - a set of coercions to a union type constraint
Type::Library (3pm)  - tiny, yet Moo(se)-compatible type libraries
Type::Params (3pm)   - Params::Validate-like parameter validation using Type:...
Type::Parser (3pm)   - parse type constraint strings
Type::Registry (3pm) - a glorified hashref for looking up type constraints
Type::Tiny (3pm)     - tiny, yet Moo(se)-compatible type constraint
Type::Tiny::_HalfOp (3pm) - half-completed overloaded operation
Type::Tiny::Class (3pm) - type constraints based on the "isa" method
Type::Tiny::Duck (3pm) - type constraints based on the "can" method
Type::Tiny::Enum (3pm) - string enum type constraints
Type::Tiny::Intersection (3pm) - intersection type constraints
Type::Tiny::Manual (3pm) - an overview of Type::Tiny
Type::Tiny::Manual::Coercions (3pm) - adding coercions to type constraints
Type::Tiny::Manual::Libraries (3pm) - how to build a type library with Type::...
Type::Tiny::Manual::Optimization (3pm) - squeeze the most out of your CPU
Type::Tiny::Manual::Params (3pm) - coerce and validate arguments to functions...
Type::Tiny::Manual::Policies (3pm) - Type::Tiny policies
Type::Tiny::Manual::UsingWithMoo (3pm) - how to use Type::Tiny and Type::Libr...
Type::Tiny::Manual::UsingWithMoose (3pm) - how to use Type::Tiny and Type::Li...
Type::Tiny::Manual::UsingWithMouse (3pm) - how to use Type::Tiny and Type::Li...
Type::Tiny::Manual::UsingWithOther (3pm) - how to use Type::Tiny and Type::Li...
Type::Tiny::Role (3pm) - type constraints based on the "DOES" method
Type::Tiny::Union (3pm) - union type constraints
Type::Tiny::XS (3pm) - provides an XS boost for some of Type::Tiny's built-in...
Type::Tiny::XS::Util (3pm) - support functions for Type::Tiny::XS
Type::Utils (3pm)    - utility functions to make defining and using type cons...
typedef_handle_t (9) - The handle_t type represents a single atomic update be...
typedef_journal_t (9) - The journal_t maintains all of the journaling state i...
Types::Common::Numeric (3pm) - drop-in replacement for MooseX::Types::Common:...
Types::Common::String (3pm) - drop-in replacement for MooseX::Types::Common::...
Types::Standard (3pm) - bundled set of built-in types for Type::Tiny
Types::Standard::ArrayRef (3pm) - internals for the Types::Standard ArrayRef ...
Types::Standard::Dict (3pm) - internals for the Types::Standard Dict type con...
Types::Standard::HashRef (3pm) - internals for the Types::Standard HashRef ty...
Types::Standard::Map (3pm) - internals for the Types::Standard Map type const...
Types::Standard::ScalarRef (3pm) - internals for the Types::Standard ScalarRe...
Types::Standard::Tuple (3pm) - internals for the Types::Standard Tuple type c...
Types::TypeTiny (3pm) - type constraints used internally by Type::Tiny
wctype (3)           - wide-character classification
xdg-mime (1)         - command line tool for querying information about file ...
CPAN::Meta::Prereqs (3pm) - a set of distribution prerequisites by phase and ...
Future::Exception (3pm) - an exception type for failed Futures
Lucy::Docs::Tutorial::FieldType (3pm) - Specify per-field properties and beha...
Lucy::Plan::BlobType (3pm) - Default behaviors for binary fields.
Lucy::Plan::FieldType (3pm) - Define a field's behavior.
Lucy::Plan::FullTextType (3pm) - Full-text search field type.
Lucy::Plan::StringType (3pm) - Non-tokenized text type.
Test2::Event::Diag (3pm) - Diag event type
Test2::Event::Generic (3pm) - Generic event type.
Test2::Event::Note (3pm) - Note event type
Test2::Event::Ok (3pm) - Ok event type
Test2::Event::Skip (3pm) - Skip event type
Test2::Event::Subtest (3pm) - Event for subtest types
Test2::Require (3pm) - Base class and documentation for skip-unless type test...

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