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USB_INIT_URB(9)                           USB Core APIs                           USB_INIT_URB(9)

       usb_init_urb - initializes a urb so that it can be used by a USB driver

       void usb_init_urb(struct urb * urb);

           pointer to the urb to initialize

       Initializes a urb so that the USB subsystem can use it properly.

       If a urb is created with a call to usb_alloc_urb it is not necessary to call this
       function. Only use this if you allocate the space for a struct urb on your own. If you
       call this function, be careful when freeing the memory for your urb that it is no longer
       in use by the USB core.

       Only use this function if you _really_ understand what you are doing.

Kernel Hackers Manual 4.8.                 January 2017                           USB_INIT_URB(9)

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