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VGSCAN(8)                            System Manager's Manual                            VGSCAN(8)

       vgscan — scan all disks for volume groups and rebuild caches

       vgscan [--commandprofile ProfileName] [-d|--debug] [-h|-?|--help] [--ignorelockingfailure]
       [--mknodes] [-P|--partial] [-v|--verbose]

       vgscan scans all SCSI, (E)IDE disks, multiple devices and a bunch of other disk devices in
       the  system  looking  for  LVM  physical  volumes  and  volume groups.  Define a filter in
       lvm.conf(5) to restrict the scan to avoid a CD ROM, for example.

       In LVM2, vgscans take place automatically; but you might still need to run one  explicitly
       after changing hardware.

       See lvm(8) for common options.

              Also  checks  the LVM special files in /dev that are needed for active logical vol‐
              umes and creates any missing ones and removes unused ones.

              Scan devices for LVM physical volumes and volume groups and  instruct  the  lvmetad
              daemon to update its cached state accordingly.

       lvm(8), vgcreate(8), vgchange(8)

Sistina Software UK             LVM TOOLS 2.02.111(2) (2014-09-01)                      VGSCAN(8)

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