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pure-ftpwho(8)                              Pure-FTPd                              pure-ftpwho(8)

       pure-ftpwho - Report current FTP sessions

       pure-ftpwho [-c] [-h] [-H] [-n] [-p] [-s] [-v] [-w] [-W] [-x]

       pure-ftpwho  shows  current  Pure-FTPd client sessions.  Only the system administrator may
       run this.  Output can be text (default), HTML, XML data and parser-optimized.  The  server
       has to be compiled with --with-ftpwho to support this command.

       -c     the program is called via a web server (CGI interface) . Output is a full HTML page
              with the initial content-type header. This option is automatically  enabled  if  an
              environment  variable called GATEWAY_INTERFACE is found. This is the default if you
              can the program from a CGI-enabled web server (Apache, Roxen, Caudium, WN, ...) .

       -h     Output help information and exit.

       -H     Don't resolve host names, and only show IP addresses (faster).

       -n     A synonym for -H.

       -p     Output Mac OSX / GNUStep plist data.

       -s     Output only one line per client, with only numeric data, delimited by a  |  charac‐
              ter.   It's  not  very  human-readable, but it's designed for easy parsing by shell
              scripts (cut/sed) .  '|' characters in user names or file names are quoted (\|) .

       -v     Output an ASCII table (just like the default mode), with more  info.   The  verbose
              output  includes  the  local IP, the local port, the total size of transfered files
              and the current number of transfered bytes.

       -w     Output a complete HTML page (web mode).

       -W     Output an HTML page with no header and no footer. This is an embedded  mode,  suit‐
              able for inline calls from CGI, SSI or PHP scripts.

       -x     Output well-formed XML data for post-processing.

       /var/run/pure-ftpd/  Scoreboard  directory.  Should always owned by root and on a lockable

              If found, automatically run in CGI mode and output HTML data.

       Frank DENIS <j at pureftpd dot org>

       ftp(1), pure-ftpd(8) pure-ftpwho(8)  pure-mrtginfo(8)  pure-uploadscript(8)  pure-statsde‐
       code(8) pure-pw(8) pure-quotacheck(8) pure-authd(8)

       RFC 959, RFC 2389, RFC 2228 and RFC 2428.

Pure-FTPd team                                1.0.36                               pure-ftpwho(8)

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