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SHA1 (3ssl)          - Secure Hash Algorithm
apt-secure (8)       - Archive authentication support for APT
dblink_connect_u (3) - opens a persistent connection to a remote database, in...
dovecot (1)          - a secure and highly configurable IMAP and POP3 server
lighttpd (8)         - a fast, secure and flexible web server
Mail::Box::POP3s (3pm) - handle secure POP3 folders as client
mysql_secure_installation (1) - improve MySQL installation security
Net::SSH2::SFTP (3pm) - SSH 2 Secure FTP object
pam_securetty (8)    - Limit root login to special devices
pdns_recursor (1)    - high-performance, simple and secure recursing nameserver
pigeonhole (7)       - Overview of the Pigeonhole project's Sieve support for...
rcp (1)              - secure copy (remote file copy program)
scp (1)              - secure copy (remote file copy program)
secure_getenv (3)    - get an environment variable
securetty (5)        - file which lists terminals from which root can log in
selinux_check_securetty_context (3) - check whether a SELinux tty security co...
selinux_securetty_types_path (3) - These functions return the paths to the ac...
sftp (1)             - secure file transfer program
sha (3ssl)           - Secure Hash Algorithm
SHA1_Final (3ssl)    - Secure Hash Algorithm
SHA1_Init (3ssl)     - Secure Hash Algorithm
SHA1_Update (3ssl)   - Secure Hash Algorithm
SSL_get_secure_renegotiation_support (3ssl) - manipulate SSL options

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