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svnserve.conf(5)                       File Formats Manual                       svnserve.conf(5)

       svnserve.conf - Repository configuration file for svnserve


       svnserve.conf  controls the behavior of the svnserve daemon on a per-repository basis.  It
       is located in the conf subdirectory of the repository.

       The overall structure of the file is the same as the structure of Subversion user configu‐
       ration  files.   At  the  top  level  are sections, which are specified by words in square
       brackets; inside each section are variable definitions of the  form  "variable  =  value".
       Lines beginning with '#' are ignored.  svnserve.conf currently uses only one section named
       "general", and supports the following variables:

       anon-access = none|read|write
            Determines the access level for  unauthenticated  users.   write  access  allows  all
            repository  operations.   read  access  allows  all  operations except committing and
            changing revision properties.  none access allows no access.  The  default  level  is

       auth-access = none|read|write
            Determines  the access level for authenticated users, using the same access levels as
            above.  The default level is write.

       password-db = filename
            Sets the location of the password database.  filename may be relative to the  reposi‐
            tory  conf directory.  There is no default value.  The password database has the same
            overall format as this file.  It uses only one section "users"; each variable  within
            the section is a username, and each value is a password.

       authz-db = path
            The  authz-db  option controls the location of the authorization rules for path-based
            access control.  path may be relative to the repository conf directory.  path may  be
            a repository relative URL (^/) or absolute file:// URL to a text file in a Subversion
            repository.  There is no default value.  If you don't specify an authz-db,  no  path-
            based access control is done.

       realm = realm-name
            Sets  the  authentication realm of the repository.  If two repositories have the same
            password database, they should have the same realm, and vice versa; this  association
            allows clients to use a single cached password for several repositories.  The default
            realm value is the repository's uuid.

       The following example svnserve.conf allows read access for authenticated users, no  access
       for  anonymous  users,  points  to  a passwd database in the same directory, and defines a
       realm name.

        anon-access = none
        auth-access = read
        password-db = passwd
        realm = My First Repository

       The file "passwd" would look like:

        joeuser = joepassword
        jayrandom = randomjay



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