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While a single mysql database has already a lot of potentials, Stronger needs easily come into play, that's why Rootroute also supports having your own mysql database server. This is available on business accounts and higher.

The Choice of mysql accounts.

A full mysqld server on a per-user basis, has the following advantages:
  • Full administrative access to the mysql server.
  • Unlimited number of databases, limited only by your hard drive storage.
  • Unlimited number of mysql user logins with the grant system database access management.
  • Direct access to recovery commands, such as myisamcheck.
  • Direct access to raw database files.
  • Full management access to mysqladmin, mysqlacess etc.
  • You can extend SQL with your own build-ins, allowing greater speed.
  • Transactional support for SQL rollovers, with InnoDB tables etc.
  • Extended control on the mysqld server runtime and sockets.
  • Extended control over the fine tuning, allowing greater speed.
  • The mysqld server is not shared by other users, increased security.
  • In-memory databases volatile but fast tables.
  • You can set the default character set, timezone or any safe_mysqld options.
  • direct access to daily backup mirror.

those stand-alone have all the advantage of single-database mysql accounts, with perl, php, python, C/C++ mysql bindings.

In addition to those features, Dedicated servers customers can run an unlimited number of
mysqld servers. Dedicated servers can also choose the port mysql server runs on, which cannot be choosed by only stand-alone servers. They have full acess to their deployment, upgrades, and backup mirroring,
As well as increased server-wide security.

For the need of larger organisations, Rootroute also supports on request:
  • Cluster deployment of mysql servers.
  • Cluster deployment of replica servers and backup servers.
  • Solid-state drive storage hardware acceleration, to speed up a lot over plain hard drive access.
  • Multiple server physical location for redundant security.
  • Network database servers.

Rootroute staff has been using MySQL since the 3.21 series when it was known only but to adventurous users and no book existed save the online manual and the source.

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