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A MySQL database is available on all Rootroute accounts, including Library bindings for the following languages:

  • PHP4, using build-in commands.
  • perl using DBD/DBI.
  • python with pymysql.
  • Ruby, with MySQL/Ruby.
  • C and C++, using the standard mysql libraries and headers.

And now support the latest versions, including MySQL-Max.
The sources and binding are updated server-wide whenever
a new version appears to be stable enougth for production use.
Other databases are also supported.
Standard and extended technical support is available for MySQL, in english or in french.
Rootroute supports international character sets, including asian languages.
This makes multiple language availability easier.
The Choice of mysql accounts.

This allows for already a large variety of usage.
However, Customers with larger needs may want their own mysqld server, or their own dedicated server.

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